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diversity, equity, & inclusion (DEI)
consultations & speaking engagements

Upcoming Events

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Self of the Therapist: Multicultural Awareness of Implicit Biases

Presentation Description:

This presentation will review the intersection of social location between therapist and client(s) in addition to supervisor and supervisee, the significance of implicit biases and how we can perpetuate harmful narratives. Additionally, attendees will be able to identify ways that we can support our clients while being culturally competent and trauma-informed.

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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Consultations & Speaking Engagements

Valerie Uy provides quality and culturally sensitive mental health consultation for media and businesses. 


Valerie Uy's services are designed to help increase mental health knowledge and support for implementing mental health topics in various media outlets. If you are looking to include topics related to mental health but don’t feel confident or need additional expertise, Valerie can help! To schedule a complimentary 30 minute consultation meeting to discuss your needs, please see contact info below.


Valerie Uy also offers speaking engagements and workshops. She focus on mental health, social justice, generational trauma, racial trauma, and AAPI/BIPOC related challenges.


Please contact Valerie Uy for more details at Thank you.

*Currently providing services via Zoom or other video conferencing platforms or selective in-person events.

Previous Speaking Engagements

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This presentation will review the intersection of historical, transgenerational, and current racial trauma that may be simultaneously activated for people in the AAPI community in response to the recent surge in publicized anti-Asian violence. Additionally, attendees will be able to identify ways that self-of-the-therapist and social location can influence trauma and crisis intervention and treatment.

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Valerie took part in the Community panel discussion in Asian Mental Health Collective's (AMHC) TransformAsian Conference 2022 to discuss and share experiences with generational trauma.

Valerie spoke for East Coast Asian American Student Union's (ECAASU) 'Turning the Tides' Conference in April 2022. Valerie presented on generational and racial trauma in the AAPI community and provided a closing ceremony speech.

Valerie took part in two panels for EM Collective on 'Intergenerational Trauma' and 'Stress & Burnout'. The conversation around 'Intergenerational Trauma' normalized experiences with AAPI families who have immigrated to the US and have passed on expectations/values or patterns of coping. The conversation around 'Stress & Burnout' revolved around burnout, maximum capacity and ways that we can invest in self-care.

Valerie has presented for UC Irvine's One Mind Psyber Guide's Drop In's on several different occasions to provide psychoeducation on anxiety and AAPI mental health and to provide expertise for research into digital mental health applications.

Valerie presented for EM Collective's conference, and focused on providing information about AAPI mental health and racial trauma impacting the AAPI community specifically during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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